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Read the information below to find out more about working with us.


Please read the information below carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our Chocolate Treasures Business Information Group on Facebook.

We would like to give you a little more information about becoming a Chocolate Treasures Sales Representative before you decide to join us. If you’re happy with the information you see here, we would love to have you join our family!

Chocolate Treasures is a relatively new company that officially launched in November 2016, since then we have grown rapidly and have had some brilliant sales success with our Sales Representatives. We now have a growing range of products! It all started with the Original box but we now have a variety of jewel products and non-jewel products. We are now anticipating a steady stream of new ranges over the coming months. 



Our idea started in 2014. We thought that, by combining Chocolate and Jewellery into one luxury package, it would create a lovely gift idea. Whether for yourself or someone else but with that little something extra!

From the recipients point of view, they will receive a box of beautifully handmade Belgian chocolates and unwrap the stripy foil of what looks like a fellow chocolate, only to discover a dazzling piece of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery instead! It really is a gift within a gift! When placing an order, our customers can choose either a ring, earring, necklace or mystery box. (The mystery box will require the customers ring size, just in case we choose a ring for them).

They can also make more tailor-made requests in regard to the colour or style of the jewel. For example, a customer may ask for a purple gemstone jewel or they may ask to not receive a green gemstone if they’re not fond of that colour. (This is subject to availability at the time. We will try our best to fulfil preferences as often as we can). Your customer can click on your web link to place their own order or you can place orders on the customer’s behalf.

Once the order is placed, we will send the package directly to the customer.


All of our existing Sales Representatives use Facebook as their main way to advertise our products, we ask them to set up a NEW Facebook group called Chocolate Treasures with (Your Name), we also provide you with your own unique website link where sales can be made.

You can sell by word of mouth or other means, though we do ask that you check with us first if you have other ideas/ways of selling.

We ask all reps to set up a completely new group to sell our products and bundling our products with those from other companies is prohibited. Though you can use either ‘One 4 all’ or ‘Love2shop’ vouchers as prizes in your group if you wish.


Joining Chocolate Treasures requires a small investment from as little as £9.95, although we’d love to offer this as a free opportunity however we have to set up your own personalised web domain which will be continuously improved.


There are NO targets with Chocolate Treasures, the more you sell, the more you earn!


Your commission will be up to 20% of sales made (Excluding P&P) so for example: If you sell £1100.00 worth of products in a month you’ll receive £220.00 commission, there is no cap to our commission, the more you sell, the more you earn!

We pay all commission* on the 28th of each month, your commission is calculated between the dates 15th to the 14th of each month so if you make a sale on the 14th you will receive your commission on the 28th of the same month but any sales made from the 15th onwards will be paid out the following month.

We will also run sales incentives so that you can earn even more money, vouchers and prizes!

*PLEASE NOTE: We will only automatically make a bank transfer when your commission reaches OVER £10.00, you can request (via your Team Leader) a payment lower than £10.00 if you want the funds earlier.


You may want to buy one of our products for yourself, it’s only fair that because of the hard work you will be putting in that we help out. On your first order with us we will send you a special discount code, we do this as you may want to see the product and take your own pictures to help you start selling.

After your first purchase all personal orders will be discounted by 15%.

Please note that any personal orders must be placed on the main Chocolate Treasures website and not on your own site and commission won’t be paid on personal purchases.


All of our Sales Representatives are added to the official sales rep group, (after your own group has been set up). We use this to communicate with everyone in the same place but it’s also an  opportunity to speak with other reps, get new and inventive ideas and use any images that we share on your own Facebook group.


If you’ve read all of the information and are happy all that’s left to do is decide on which start-up bundle you’ll need to get started!

We offer two options, either The Digital Start up Bundle or The Business Builder Pack.

But which one do I go for? Well, the first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘How am I going to promote Chocolate Treasures?’

If you plan to be 100% online then go for the Digital Bundle, you’ll have so many resources available to get you started, from your own Team Leader to help and support you as well as lots of pictures, interactive posts to share and tips and hints on how best to promote Chocolate Treasures.

However, if you are interested in not only selling online but also would like to show off your new business venture then how better to do this by having your products available to show off, Flyers, jewellery and lots and lots of chocolates are all included in The Business Builder Pack, an edible investment, what better?

The two options are below, take your pick that best suits YOUR preferred way of promoting. If you have any questions about starting up please feel free to send us an email using the contact us page or via our Facebook page