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Summer and Dan have been together since 2010 and live happily in Heath Hayes, a small village in Staffordshire. After years of working in various jobs and feeling at a dead end, the passion to begin a new journey grew.

The concept of Chocolate Treasures was born in 2014 and from that time, their first product was tested as a prototype. After receiving many great responses, it was now time to think about launching officially and bringing all of their exciting ideas into fruition.

There were many obstacles along the way but perseverance and passion paved the road ahead. In 2016 Summer and Dan presented their business plan to The Princes Trust who, after giving their approval, have gone on to offer their support and guidance.

In December 2016, Chocolate Treasures officially relaunched with only one product, The Original box. With demand growing, The Truffle box followed soon after.

Now with a wide variety to choose from, Summer and Dan are looking forward to expanding more and more until they have fulfilled their aim, which is to make their products available to as many people as possible. Whether you’re on a budget or have a certain dietary requirement, everyone should get a chance to shop with Chocolate Treasures!

Get To Know Us


Co Owner

Chocolate Treasures’ very own magpie, Summer finds all of the lovely jewellery for our boxes. Her mission is to correct as many of Dan’s grammatical errors as possible! She loves reading, singing and adopting animals. She would have a built in animal sanctuary at home if only Dan would let her.


Co Owner

Love’s the technical stuff! Dan would probably upgrade to robot form if it were possible. He enjoys gathering up props from wherever he can for new photography opportunities. (Which he’s awesome at doing)!

Dan once travelled around Australia for three months and did a skydive! He said he would NOT do it again!


Ebony is Jacob’s mommy. She’s just as mischievous as Jacob and taught him everything she knows!

She’s the numbers woman. A whizz with anything mathematical. Seems to have a great knowledge of stock levels, but really only for the chocolate…..hmm :-/

She  desperately wants a pony (and a penguin) and she loves baking really awesome cakes for everyone!


Jacob is our chief chocolate tester, he tells us what’s good! (All of it. He likes all of it).

He loves spinning round and round on the office chairs and coming up with creative ways of acquiring as much chocolate as he can. (Usually by holding out his hands and generally being adorable).

He will often keep us entertained by re enacting scenes from some of his favourite films, such as: Star Wars, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and Ghostbusters!

Our Vision

“To make our products available to everyone”

“Whether you’re on a budget or have a certain dietary requirement, everyone should get a chance to shop with Chocolate Treasures!”